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Realtime currency convertor desktop application

Official website at


Version 0.0.1-beta.1


Make sure you installed node.js and electron.

Once you download the source code from here, use npm install to install all the dependency packages.

then, use npm start to start the application.

How to build

I have updated the build settings for Mac in package.json with build.

you have to use npm run build-mac to build the application in Mac. (Tested in MacOS Sierra. Version : 10.12.1)

There is possibility to create build for Windows using npm run build-win. But haven’t tested.

Latest stable build app is stored in

Sample Screenshot for Mac

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If you like this project and would like to can contribute ? then email me to [email protected] for more information.


  • Add option to have favourite currencies
  • should have ability to download currency status in PDF
  • Take screenshot


Look for License file in source code.

MIT © 2016