It been three months in Deutschland and learned a lots of stuff here !! I feel like sharing some of the important things which might help for new guys who planned to come. Since I cannot update all the details of my first three months in detail, I will share a few.

Lots of learnings. Here are few which I personally observed.

1. Traffic rules are different

  • Zebra Crossing is very important. I have seen a series of cars coming from both sides and all the vehicles waited for me to cross the road. Thumbs UP!
  • Even if germans are late for some appointment or any other, everyone give priority to traffic rules first.
  • There is a seperate path for bicycles. not just for pedestrians. You have to give first priority to bicycles even if you are walking in footpath.
  • Road crossing for bicycles and pedestrians: Have to wait for signal. No violations! else you have to pay a fine.
  • Vehicles goes in right hand side and not in left hand side. (Just opposite to India, London, etc.)

2. Transportation & Timings

  • It is very important to follow timings. Every second counts. Buses, Trams and Trains comes in time. Even if you are late for 1 min, you have to wait for next one.

3. Hearing Bell - Church

  • You will frequently hear church bells before prayer starts. Usually at every hour, as far as I know.

4. Celebrations

  • You will never hear a horn sound. But there is an exception when German team wins in FIFA.
  • There are lots of fests and Its so much fun. Transportation was supported during fest times.

5. Water

  • Here Beer is cheaper than buying a water bottle. Tap water (Cold) is used for both drinking and cleaning. Note: Hot water and cold water will be together. Preference: cold water for drinking.

6. Shopping

  • Here, They charge extra money for bottle. If you return back the empty bottle, you will get back the charged money.
  • Once shopping is done, after payment is done, they greet you with “Tschuss”(Bye) and you often have to respond back.

7. General

  • If you are walking on road, I have always seen people greeting you with “Hallo” with a smile :-)
  • “FREE Your Stuff” - If people do not want to use their things any more, they often give away their stuff for FREE or Keep all stuff (like TV, computers, cycles, bed, cotton, chairs, sofa etc..) near to Dustbins. you are free to pickup! There will be groups in facebook named “FREE your stuff - place”.
  • Here, Dustbins are seperated into various categories like bottles seperate bin, paper bin, plastic bin, re-cyclable items bin, bio-waste bins etc.

Did I miss anything ? Well, I might have.. afterall, I just stayed for 3 months as of today :-)